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Expired Love

I don’t know but she was so beautiful in my eyes. Her lips were glowing and her smile makes my heart bouncing all the time. Is it love at first sight? I really don’t know. So let’s uncover the truth if this love at first sight would really expire.

It was late December of year 2009; I was a cashier in one of huge flower companies in the Philippines, the King Louis Flowers and Plants Inc. During this month, its seasonal product is Poinsettia. And it’s expected  that people from various fields such as professionals, retailers and businessmen, anchors like Korina Sanchez and Botch Francisco, politicians like Senator Manny Villar, churches, families and even individuals will rush to my place just to buy such product for Christmas Celebration. In short, each day I had been facing different types of people with different personalities and gender. But one day, a gorgeous lady caught my attention in an instant. And who’s that lady? Look at the photo and try to find out who’s wearing the beaming smile. Is she looks appealing? Well, we have a different taste. And she was the one I love.

She was perfectly stranger to me not until later when I realize that she was a purchaser in one of our valued customers. Every time she visit, my associates greet her positively and treat her so special. I was confused to myself. Why I am speechless? I suspect that this is love. Sounds corny but that’s how I felt it.

One afternoon, I receive a call. A sound of a lady looking for her Mama. I asked, “Whose Mama is that?” She answered, “Si Mama Tata ba?” At last I’ve figured it out, she was looking for my co-worker who’s the cashier before me. I told her that she was not around, then suddenly she asked something about me, “Are you Michael?” I answered, “Yes!” That’s the time we had known each other.  From then on we’ve been calling all the time. I was develop to her, there’s no day and nights that I haven’t called her. And when I got involved to a highway accident, she was the first person I called up. She was shocked, sensing that she really cares for me. The rest is history.

All of the sudden, After a month of sweet memories. We had lost contact. I tried to text her, to call her everyday but she didn’t  even bother to answer. Honestly, I couldn’t force myself to someone who don’t appreciate what I am doing. I couldn’t because it’s so hurting. I hate to say but her love to me was already expired.


23 thoughts on “Expired Love

  1. ouch!!!…… xoo sad naman……. but anywiez kel…. dghan pa nag sayal…tym wil come ma meet ra nimu ang ryt gurl… but not diz tym….

  2. hello…terence..nice article ha.., nag effort talaga me basahin to..well, maybe its not the love that uv been wishing to have..sumtyms, u cud meet people that will just leave u sumthing dat u cud ever treasure in ur whole life, but dats 8! luv will not expire, ders no such thing as “expiration” wen 8 cumz 2 LOVE. .it has a reason why it should have to end up dat way,, maybe it will just let u realize, how to value a certain thing bcoz u r not assured of wen it will last… 🙂

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  4. mmhmmm….kalungkot! i thought u already found the right girl but it’s a tradegic story pla…that was the shortest love story i’ve ever read, may it was just an infatuation…hehe well right time will come on ur way dont worry!

    …til now u keep on writing…like it…

    1. Pam,

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and for the comment. Yeah! It was really a short time and unsuccessful but I definitely learned something.

      I believe, soon, I can find someone who is really meant for me.

      I hope you were entertained though it’s a sad story. Expect for more significant updates of me.

      See yeah!

  5. mmmhmmm…kalungkot! i thought u already found the right one but still t’was a tradegic story…anyway very short and inyong love story, mybe it was just an infatuation,pro sad p rn…let that girl n lng…

    im happy 4 that u still had time to write…do u earn for this!

    really like this!

    1. Thanks again!

      This is my official personal blog…and I don’t want to share my stories worldwide with dangling advertisements. But with my other blogs….I have a lot of advertisements where I earned moolah. I did this because I love writing.

      See yeah!

  6. Hi Michael,
    what a nice blog… i believe it’s not love at all…. because love knows no expiration… always wait…nice experience anyway… hehe=P

  7. nakakalungkot naman. Malay mo po kuya, bumalik siya. Try to wait nalang and you’ll be happy after. OK? or hanap ka ng move para macontact mo siya ulit. Co’z love is not a really destiny. It needs an effort. Kung di ka gagawa ng paraan, wala rin mangyayari.

  8. Hi Michael! I believe forever is the language of love and I don’t agree with you that love has expiration. It isn’t food. So maybe there’s another reason why she’s not responding to your calls or text. It’s better to hear her side of the story first.

    1. thanks for the comment, Getagirl. I really appreciate and respect your reaction about this scenario but that was how I interpret it. I knew we’re not meant to each other, I was not the kind of man that she was looking for. thats it! thanks again.

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