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A Pair of Shoe that Lasts

SHOES OLDWhen we talk about experiences, my pair of shoe has  lot of stories to tell.

It may not be of good quality as Rusty Lopez brand but it could walk through mud and flood. Because in my daily life as a student I was able to witness my pair of shoe submerged into the huge body of water which made by heavy rains.

It may not be expensive as a luxury shoe that cost a thousands of Peso or more, but I truly care of it. In fact, every time it gets dirty I cleaned it with wet paper or cloth. After awhile, it looks black and instant brand-new for the second time around.

It may not be a human being but I treat it as my best friend. Every time it gets scratched I could barely feel the pain. Sometimes, it has been hammered by rocks and stones, though it’s only a stuff, I could sense the difficulties it surpassed.

I still remember the day I bought this pair of shoe, because of limited budget I tried to search for alternative. So I stumble in a shoe store at the public market selling China-Made.

Now, if you see the picture of the pair of shoe you would surely react what a storm it has been gone through. This particular pair of shoe has rendered service for almost four years, sliced and outworn. At the beginning, I heard some statements that it wont last, however, it proves them wrong. And proudly to say, it shared a gigantic impact to my little success, because I couldn’t simply go to school or in any special occasion without it.


2 thoughts on “A Pair of Shoe that Lasts

  1. well ganun talaga kung gusto mong matuto kailangan magtiyaga sa kung anong kaya mo lang…
    naalala ko kuya ko nun xa butas butas na robertson shoes nya….nun makapgtrabaho na xa pagreat great Britain na lang eheh sosy na d ba??? lahat ng pagtitiyaga mgkakaroon ng bunga fudot!!! haba nu nice….

    1. Yes, I certainly agree to that idea. Anyway, thank you so much Liza for reading and commenting in my blogs. Expect more updates.

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