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Tutoring Kid Is Quite Challenging


Almost five months now since I began tutoring to a little girl named Diamond Grace A. Rico. Guys, would you believe that she’s already Grade-I at the age of five? It’s quite early yet she got the potential. Actually, it wasn’t in my plan to teach kid its just happen that I was already tutoring to a high school student who’s the only daughter of my good college mentor, and my lady colleague in the library referred me to the mother of the little girl who’s our supervisor then. So in the month of May I am tutoring to a two.

The little girl in the left side of the photo is the one that I am talking about. She’s so cute, ambitious, smart, and a lot of story to tell in her very young age. In fact, there was no days that she never told me a story. She wants to become a doctor someday as she wanted to help the sick people. And the man in the right side is I, a business graduate, smart and also ambitious. But suddenly turned into teaching because of natures calling. Honestly, teaching is one of my personal interests aside from working in the office, blogging, and designing. And I found it very challenging.

Yes, it is challenging because it certainly tested my patience and temper especially if she’s not in the mood. I have to find effective ways to motivate her to cooperate. Sometimes, I do consider the use of fake tricks just to make her active in our discussion like calling her mother in the cell phone and reporting that she’s not doing her task, but the truth is I am just playing some fake drama to make her believe. Also, I follow whatever she wants to do first but in a condition that after it we will do the homework or whatever necessary and important for her studies. In some way, it do effect that accomplishes everything. Singing children songs, coloring shapes and figures, reading stories that she likes, counting, name it all. These are just few of the vast method that I applied every time she lost her interest in studying. But there are times that she doesn’t really like to cooperate well despite of your enthusiastic approach to her. However, I do understand because when I was a little kid just like her I really hate studying all the time but later on I find it significant.

How come I stayed long in this kind of extra job knowingly that it’s very exhausting, difficult, and sometimes humiliating. It’s not about the money; it’s all about your interest by heart. No matter how hard it is, even you walk kilometers back-and-forth everyday or exposing ones self to risk still you want to pursue it most especially when you saw the result of your endeavor and sacrifices. I still remember what my supervisor told me, “Teach her gradually and little by little she will learn.”


One thought on “Tutoring Kid Is Quite Challenging

  1. ang kyut niya, i wish i had also a brain like hers..
    hehe..akin nlng xa..jowk…
    ako nga 5 yrs old nagla2ro pa ata ako nun..hahah

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