Personal Stories

Learn Your Lesson

learn_your_lessonExactly 10:15 a.m., break time, students were jam-packed at the canteen when suddenly someone pushes me hard at the back that really drives me down the stairs, and people were staring at me. I thought it was just an accident but when I turned my head to the place from where I fell down I saw my angry teacher and her face was totally unprintable. Then I begin to wonder.

Honestly, I was alarm right at the moment that I saw her knowing the fact that she was a terror in the campus, and I couldn’t believe what she did to me. Not realizing what was really happening, she certainly reminds the real cause of her agitation. And it’s because of the important document that supposedly was already submitted. But I failed to accomplish the task as she trusted me so much, and I even left it in the house that’s why the pushing scenario at the canteen was happened. I felt so sorry and even apologizing her in front of the public for what mistake I have done but it has no effect. Instead she warned me that I will going to  fail and not to graduate this school year, and she walked away.

Thus, I feel worried and don’t know what to do. So I go back to my classroom and there to think deeply but amazingly my friends and classmates were so much concerned and even shared to me some advises on what to do. Finally I have decided to say sorry again and again until she would forgive me. Then I go on my own in the faculty room and started saying “sorry, I will never do it again” a couple of times or more and even knelled in front of her encircled with the other faculty members just for forgiveness. And she told me to get up but she was not pleased, instead, she ordered me to write down a statement of sorry in a hundred pieces of intermediate paper, back-to-back, within an hour, and no spaces to leave blank.

I didn’t waste any time.  I have to find ways in order to finish it right at the designated time or else worst. And I never failed because my friends are willing to help me in writing so I gave them some pieces of papers and do the same thing as I did. Surprisingly, the others who are my classmates but not my close friends also took some papers from me, as they wanted to help. I was so overwhelmed because I couldn’t really imagine that most of them truly cares for me as their Vice-President of the class. As the time was running out it lessen my chances to win back the trust and the opportunity to graduate. But I never lost hope until we’re done, a couple of minutes before the cutoff time.

Then I collected all the papers, and thanking everyone. I had only a few seconds left so I run very fast directly to the faculty room knocking three times on the door before I enter inside. I was losing my breath as I gave it to her. Fortunately, she accepted it with a smile in her face and calmly said “Michael, learn your lesson.” From then on, I am always very careful in all of my deeds.


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