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Friendship or Love

In friendship, many get develop, many get in love. At first they call themselves as Bro and Sis but eventually when it gets older and farther it turns to be a love relationship. A love that should be ignored? Or better be real to it? Oh, no! It’s so complicated.

One time, I had a colleague that later on became my best-friend. Ironically, we became best of friends because I used to court her however she busted me but we became close together and claim ourselves as buddies. Over days, weeks, and months that passed by, the usual friendship develops into more serious and concern relationship. But I couldn’t express my feelings to her though I knew what she feels.

Yes, you really love your friends but loving someone intimately is another thing. It would mean commitment and responsibility to its results. And friendship may be the excellent jump-start toward a good and deeper relationship in the future. But how about when she or he only sees you as a friend not a lover.

In the end, it’s you who decide if you want him or her to be lifetime partner or to be the best of friends. For me it’s just a matter of time and patience. Who would not get develop to someone who’s very caring and loving friend? Who would no get in love to someone that hugs and kisses you all the time?


14 thoughts on “Friendship or Love

    1. First of all, thank you for you comment. Yes, there are lot of people experience this kind of situation, and I am very glad sharing with them. This might not only open something but his may be a big realization for everybody.

  1. Naks,,, kuya nice blog,,,, based from a real experience ah,,,
    hehe,,, keep up the good work,,,
    sana next time,,,, top 10 ka na sa best blogger in the world,,,,
    kamusta ka na po pala at san ka na nagwo-work?
    wish you all the best in your career…..

  2. EHE kung walang tiyaga walang nilaga d ba???

    minsan pwd pro may girl kc pg cnabing friend, friend lang talaga…kung sabagay iba iba namn ang tao d b???

    walang masama kung umasa pro sana…..pwd rin mghanap ng iba….

    “life is a battle of wills. not a battle of skills..So more often than not. d man who wins is the one who thinks he can.”

    naniniwala ka dyan???

    palagay ko ,,, oo kc dun sa ending ng cnulat mo hopeful ka na mabibigyan ka ng chance…

    gudluck sana maramdaman nya n ngaun kc baka mahuli pa xa….pg like ka na nya kaw nmn ang ngsawa sa kakaasa

    ang daldal ko no??? cenxa ah…ehehe:))

  3. thanks for commenting Liza. you had the nice move, at least i know the view of a woman regarding such thing. but i believe not all women are like that because each has its unique identity or personality. i know, you know, and God knows when it is.

  4. hehhehehe friend that’s true ..i’ve experienced that one..heheh but know what friend no matter how sweet the person is d jud q gnhan og mga sweet guys hahahhaha…..anggirls man jud pgmuingon dli dli jud na..heheh friends ra jud …


  5. your blog is nice and your entries are well-constructed… your entry about friendship and love interest me much..maybe because at present I’m torn between love and friendship.. i choose the latter.. reason? it may sound mediocre, but i rather let friendship bloom than love after all, as what you had stated, friendship is the beginning of everything… keep up the good work… may you have many notions to impart with to us youngsters… Godbless

    1. Hello, Diana! First and foremost, thank you so much for reading my blog entitled “Love or Friendship.”

      Your choice to select the latter is really a well decision to made but really hard to accomplish. Why? Because many people experiencing such situation tend to be idealistic about the concept of friendship, instead of materializing it.

      Secondly, there’s no really exact meaning of love because in every man’s perspective about it will depend most on their experiences. Though we have the same situation or experiences don’t expect that we’ll have the same approach about it. That is why I come up with title for you to realize what would be the better solution, or decision, or step to journey with throughout the constant love process, the both of you.

      In the end, people may be have the same situation but differ on its gravity. So it’s up to you now on what path would you take – the right thing but has nothing to do with your relationship or the wrong way which would lead you to happiness. It’s quite weird but if you’re going to internalize it you will easily understand what I am exactly saying right now.

      Hope to hear from you again…


  6. I agree that love and relationships shouldn’t be generalized(stereotyped) though universally it is experienced in one way or another. i also agree with that freedom to choose whether to be a lover or a friend.
    but what i disagree about is to be silent, to choose that you rather remain silent about your feelings and only be hopeful about whatever may happen with that love.
    It would be best to share rather than to repress such feelings.

    1. yes, you are right. there would be no result if you will just stocked your self in one corner, waiting for nothing.

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