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The Reality of Love

The Reality of LoveDo you think men are pretty much attracted to sexy, beautiful, and appealing presence of women? Or I should say the soundness of their attitudes and unique personalities? Whatever. But there’s one thing very sure in this world, man is meant for a woman vice versa, however, no one truly knows who would be that compatible partner of the other. Because as we noticed nowadays there were countless scenarios in which many people get surprise as the ugly and the pretty became a pair of lifetime or the handicap and the blind absolutely hooked with each other. Its so amazing, right? And I would never surprise anymore why TV personalities like the comedy king and the Philippine diva seemed to be a strong couple despite of age disparity. It really show that age doesn’t matter, when two love meet together they would unite as husband and wife sanctified as one.

I still remember the first time I attracted to a woman and that was seven years ago when I just turned out to be a teenager. Oh, I love her so much because she’s so cute and soft-spoken. And there was one time she even invited in a party, we dance, eat, and talk a lot but when I told her the sweet words of I love you suddenly she changed the topic sensing that she don’t like me, maybe because I am less fortunate and she’s bountiful. Well, that was a huge difference but I had a clean intention.

The reasons of getting in love were varied, thus confusing anybody to identify who’s really sincere of their deeds. I believe everybody is familiar by the saying, yet true, that nothing is perfect in this world only God. If you failed a couple of times or more don’t worry anyway; worry about your self if gave everything to your partner. Because latter on you might get crazy if you saw them unexpectedly making love. You need to safe keep something about your self so that when that time happens you will not look like a hopeless man or woman dumped in nowhere.

The second time I felt in love was back five years when I was already in the last quarter of my last year in high school-senior standing-and she was just a sheer freshman. In fact, I was not the one who opened up, instead she was. But for frequent of talking and sharing thoughts about one’s life we developed in which ended in serious courtship but over months our love never materialize because of long distance relationship.

Look, true love happens at the right time and place, and the right decision. How much devastating your love stories ended up, it simply shows that real love is not easy to get and should undergo a rational process. These may sound ridiculous but you have to understand that this is the real realm of love. Whoever attempts to counter flow over this reality will surely fall and suffer its consequences. Try to think of it.


10 thoughts on “The Reality of Love

  1. amen!!!

    “It’s tough to stay single inthis world where everybody expects you to be with someone. but staying single is not having no choice rather an opportunity to make intelligent decision….”

    never ever give up……

  2. The article regarding REALITY OF LOVE.

    I really appreciate it. it describes what I have now. i agree true love is not easy to get… you will encounter such process. and im in the line. painful but need to face the reality… complicated but need to accept. but still, im HAPPY

  3. hi… i dont where i will ask for my queries….thats why i post here… where can i send my poems or any literary piece to this site?

    1. you can submit your piece through this email
      but you have to remember your peice should be original and you will benefit the full recognition of it by simply putting your name as a contributing author. thank you so much for the interest.

  4. Hi.. Just want to ask if you have a site also that entertain some love confessions. Or some love advices. Thanks.

  5. ” LOVE is not controlled by feelings. It does not do anything and everything it feels. Rather, in TRUE LOVE, the feelings are under the control of PRINCIPLE.” from the book I LOVE YOU by Gordon O. Martinborough

    Well, “Whoever attempts to counter flow over this reality will surely fall and suffer its consequences.”

    may tanong lang po ako…pagcnabing true love, dapat ba kyo ung nagkatuluyan???

    Wala lang may maitanong lang…

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