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The Student Assistant

One beautiful Sunday morning, a month before the end of the first semester in college of the year two thousand and eight. There was a bright student named after the church patron and the old version name of his father, and transformed into a very good one, no other than Michael Terence, who is already in his last year with the course of business management in private school. Who would ever think that this ambitious guy taking business course which is not his first choice became outstanding among his peers, instead “I would like to take Civil Engineering” he said. And he lives with his elder brother and sister who seemed to be the primary benefactors and concerned guardians who always supported him with everything from shelter, food to schooling in the absent of their parents. But in this unexpected day a bad news broke the silence as his sister openly told him that he will not enroll for next semester anymore due to financial matters. So, the regretful sister suggest “Why don’t your look for a part-time job to support  your studies? And do not worry about your other needs, we are here to help you, as usual, to the best we can do.” And he think so deeply. His brother and sister knows very well that their younger brother don’t like to stop, in any ways, most especially that this is the last stage in college before he march proud in all his accomplishments over the years and then here’s the problem that almost ruined his day, and still could’nt believe it.

In the night of the same day, the first thing that comes into his mind is to apply for student assistant since he had a good grades, insisting that he will be granted with a full scholarship. That’s why on the next day he rush to the Deans Office asking for assistance. Actually, before he enter, he knocks three times on the door with these feeling of fear in his mind and the willingness of his heart. As he comes in, he was asked by the secretary “What can I do for you?” with a smile. The young eager man give something to the gorgeous lady who seemed to be a student assistant. But the lady get confused and asked him again “What will I do with this?”, and he certainly replied with a shame on his eyes “That is my resume. I am applying for student assistant.” Now making the lady clear. So, he formally seatted and waited for his turn. For a moment, his attention was being called, obviously he was excited and coult’nt wait anymore for the good news, but in the back of his mind he is quite nervous. And the Building Supervisor who is responsible in hiring student assistants, as far as he knows, rejected his application in which eventually make him upset. Thus making him partially hopeless. He has no choice but to accept it and try his luck on other thins. For his Desperation, he even tried to apply as a Call Center Agent in nearby BPO Company. Fortunately, he passed all the stages from preliminary interview, written exams, and simulations, thus, making him got to the final interveiw but he go home not as happy as other because he was advised to better reapply next time. His world almost collapse, and blaming himself throughout the day “I am stuppid!” he expressed.

The next couple of days, he tried to ask the help of their resident guidance councilor who happens to be the adviser and founder of Peer Facilitators Club where Michael Terence served as the pioneering chairman for almost three consecutive years. After a few minutes of talking, the concern councilor decided to address the problem to one of the school official and owner. And we never failed, she tried to contact the HR Department. Everybody was sympathetic, and he felt so blessed because many people truly loves him. A few days later, he went to the library to search for something important. Surprisingly, one of the staff in the library approach him very vigorously “Your the one applying, isn’t it? The supervisor wanted to see you this afternoon?” he informed. Apparently, he was shocked and could’nt imagine what was happening to him recently. So, he runs quickly to the guidance office to inform them about the good news, but actually they’d already knew it. They were so happy. And Michael Terence don’t know how to return want is given to him. But he made a promise that he will work hard and study well so that this opportunity would not be wasted.

After a half year of working while studying he never broke his promise because he had a good comment in the work though there were countless problems being encountered. And he graduated with special award being the sole gold medalist of all the departments for over three hundred graduating batchmates. And then he gave thank to the Lord and to the people who helped him, “Thank you very much!” he shouted.


3 thoughts on “The Student Assistant

    1. Hi Michelle! I am pretty sure that your father is Uncle Ronnie, isn’t it? But anyway, thank you for reading my blog. And the question that you raised was a clever one. The answer is simply due to my provincial accent, though I am good in english language it would be useless if I have such terrible accent but it was really a challenge for me, and I tried to develop my communication skills until then for my own good, and now I am developing well than before.

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