Personal Published Works

Golden Harvest

Graduation is one of life’s landmark events. For every candidate, there is a destiny, but the option must be his own. The destiny of each graduating student in the midst of this changing, struggling world-a world made with small leaps and bounds of technology. However, the success of the graduate will rest not so much in the knowledge gained, but equally so in the habits and attitudes he has developed in all years of its school education.

In a society wherein access to quality education has not been that easy, graduation has been a successful accomplishment all in its own, for not everyone has been given the opportunity to celebrate a day like graduation day. The heart warming years in school has captures the memories of friendship, love, and laughter, and all the good times spend together; realizing each of our roles in shaping each others’ destinies.

There is much bigger and more challenging world that awaits after graduation, and in the days to come he will have to make choices that will determine his future and roles that he soon will take as a citizen of this nation.

The success of the graduate could never have been possible without the help from God, the efforts and sacrifices of parents, the generosity of benefactors, and the diligence and care of mentors. Despite of the difficult times that everyone is experiencing now, parent exerted their best efforts and will exert more efforts just to see their child finish his studies. Mentors on the one had, have not lost track of the broad view of events in their true nature and relationships to produce graduates with a strong sense of moral, community, family and personal responsibilities.

From this day forth, graduates will be facing greater challenges. They will be walking filled with trials, discouragements, and even failures; all in an effort of realizing one’s dreams and aspirations. As one saying goes “this is just a test, only a test.” Indeed, graduation is an occasion for rejoicing and celebrating for it is the culmination of endeavor and struggles in a student’s life.


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