Personal Stories

Mr. Terror Professor

Flashing back my first two years in the college, I heard some rumors that there was once a professor dubed as Mr. Terror Professor but I just simply ignored them.

In the hot summer of May year 2007, I was so busy in fixing my class schedules for my first semester in third year. Suddenly, one lady friend approach me in the lobby asking what are the subjects and time which I am going to take, without any histation, I showed it to her the sheet “Oh!” she stressed like a worried woman. “What’s wrong?” I asked. But my friend refused to reply anymore because she was in a hurry. Since then my mind get confused, and seems I wanted concrete answers. But later on in my quest I find it very crucial to search for more bacause I became so busy, again, on other important matters all the way, making those things out of my mind. And I said to myself, I just wait for that moment to happen. But I can sense already that it concerns about the professor.

When the first day of school commence particularly in the subject which they said whose professor is a terror one. Everybody is creaming and thinking of whether they will going to pursue it or they will just try to change the subject or time in either of the choices. But these unstoppable problematic students proceed directly to the MIS Department for a change, but they were just quickly rejected because the personnel of the former knew already the reason behind the situation. I am just cool and relax waiting for the professor in the classroom. Unluckily, the said professor failed to appear on the first day of meeting.

On the next meeting, I just wonder for awhile because from the original number of students enrolled in the subject in which, more or less, thirty-eight I saw only eleven but I learned from someone else that they already dropped. Then the professor arrived very late. That was the first time I saw him. Actually, he’s good at first sight but as the time goes on, little by little, I witnessed his true color and I could even feel the intensity of pressure. Now, I believe that he’s a terror as what other people said. I was so scared because of the hearsays that the professor knows merely two types of grades, the passing grade and the failed. In fact, I consulted my mentors and  benefactos of what should be my actions regarding the case. Others suggest that dropping the subject might the best way, but I wont ever do that. I don’t know what to do until such time I finally decided not to give up. I know I have the guts to overcome all of these.

From the last eleven student left previously it even decreases into ten because one decided to quite for the reason that she can’t take anymore the hardships. I never wasted time and every time I have vacant I certainly dedicate those for review and memorization of various laws, articles and sections. And I noticed that the former is pretty much effective because I pass all the exams from preliminary up to the final departmental exam in which held in other place. I have no other chance of passing the subject but only the scores I obtained from the three chief exams, because we don’t have any quizzes. Though we have oral recitation but it’s useless.

At the end, the terror professor never change in his attitude. He failed half of the class mostly were graduating. I tried to talk to him about my grades but he don’t like to show the record and told me that I pass. I doubt there was something wrong. We even attempted to complain but we realize our ividences were insufficient, thus our grievances were useless. For the last time nothings happen. Indeed, those who failed were given a special project, and that special project include wine and stuff something like that. Then they passed. I truly believe it’s a wrong practice and it’s unfair for others who strive hard. So, beware to Mr. Terror Professor.


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